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Scanning with Kodak Capture Pro

The application that gives you more scanning productivity, value, and ease of use

Get powerful, flexible batch capture and productivity on Kodak and other popular scanners in any scenario - from desktop to high-volume production. Realize greater value with no per click or volume charges. Start scanning right away with preconfigured set-ups and a single, user-friendly interface. Start doing more, more easily. Kodak Capture Pro Software is the one application you need to make, manage and move images and information quickly and efficiently.

Be More Productive
You can easily integrate and configure Capture Pro Software with existing applications (usually without programming), including ECM systems, databases, ELO Digital Office,  Microsoft SharePoint, and more.


Automatically populate
   from ODBC sources

  • Integrate with existing and new imaging systems

  • Individual APIs go beyond simplified job set-up and user management capabilities so you can customize to exact needs

  • Scan, store, organize, preserve, access, comply, and distribute documents digitally for greater efficiency

  • Streamline content management to boost your productivity and get information to the right people and places faster

Faster, easier indexing
with drag-and-drop OCR

  • Automatically import existing files (tiff, jpeg, bmp, gif, png) and perform all the same imaging functions as with scanned images; this feature does not support pdf files

  • Easily retrieve images with the included Find and View application

  • Validate or populate index fields with data from Open Database Connectivity compliant (ODBC) sources with Database Lookup

  • Output to file, system, e-mail and print simultaneously and choose any supported file type when outputting images in black and white (PDF, PDF/A, Searchable PDF, TIFF and more) or color/grayscale (JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PDF/A, Searchable PDF, TIFF and more)

  • Produce bitonal and color or bitonal and grayscale images from a single scan

  • Stay productive with background output processing

  • Take advantage of shared settings through multi-user support

Realize More Value

Pay no click charges. Forget about additional, volume-based costs. Instantly access productive features like automated indexing, drag-and-drop OCR and more. Discover the capture solution that's easily scalable from desktop to production scanners, so once an operator is familiar, he or she is familiar on every scanner from Kodak or other popular manufacturers.

  • Reduce training costs and set-up fees

  • Output unlimited searchable PDFs at no added cost  

  • Loads of features, low total cost of ownership and fast ROI = great value

Experience Ease of Use Flexibility

Unlike competitive software requiring extensive job, profile and page setups, Capture Pro Software lets you scan "out of the box," thanks to workstation based ready-to-scan setups. (Single-touch-simple customization is also easy for automation of complex or repetitive tasks.)

  • Instantly familiar, intuitive interface with no complex commands to learn

  • Get immediate visual feedback, no matter how complex the task

  • Flexible and easy, automated indexing, including drag and drop OCR

  • Interactive tutorial in multiple languages, plus real-time online help

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