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Document Management with ELO

ELO Digital Office develops one of the world's leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

ELO's product family is distributed through reputable IT companies who tailor and support the product according to the client's needs.
Due to their scalability ELO software solutions can be used from single users to large corporations.
With over 600,000 users worldwide, ELO Digital Office is one of the leading developers in its space. ELO has more than 300 business partners and spends more than 35% of its annual revenue on Research & Development.
ELO Digital Office software products integrate into existing applications and infrastructures ensuring positive return on client's investments.

Document Managers recommends and uses ELOprofessional.

ELOprofessional is a modular client server solution that is specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses. The modular architecture of ELOprofessional allows you to tailor the application for your company's ECM/DMS needs.

  • Mobilise your company

The numerous modules integrated into ELOprofessional allow you to configure the solution to fit your exact requirements. What's more, the application can be implemented quickly, easily and above all flexibly. With ELOprofessional, all of your company's knowledge and information can be called from a central database in read-only mode. The application is also highly future proof, which means that your investment in the software will be well protected. ELOprofessional is a supremely user friendly platform that allows you to elaborate entire project structures as well as customer and billing records quickly with just a few mouse clicks. The software's powerful permissions management system ensures that access to confidential data is tightly controlled. ELOprofessional also allows you to create whatever file structure your heart desires, i.e. classic filing cabinets with folders and registers, or based on individually designed icons such as team domains, activities or problem requests.

  • Flexible integration with all leading office applications

Thanks to its fully service oriented approach (SOA), ELOprofessional is fully compatible and can be integrated with numerous office applications such as ERP, CRM, e-Mail-systems, as well as with Microsoft Office products. Individual services your enterprise may need are consolidated on the basis of general standards, thus rendering business process modelling tasks extremely easy to carry out. ELOprofessional is a middleware solution that allows you to elaborate and visualize individualized business process logic thanks to the platform's intelligent customization functions and modular application structure. This application-neutral distribution platform mediates between applications in such a way that their complexity is concealed from the user. This in turn greatly simplifies maintenance, updating and customization of your IT infrastructure.

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