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Document Managers have chosen software packages from market leading developers to complete the 360 degree document management experience.

Based on the business process we work on, Document Managers apply the right tool, providing its customers with the most cost efficient solution:

Electronic Records and Document Management

Document managers is a Certified ELO Business Partner. ELO products belong to world's leading Records and Document Management solutions. Click here to find out more.....

Image Enhancement Solutions

When scanning paper documents it is paramount that the images are clear, accurate and ready for further processing. At Document Managers we use Kodak Capture Pro, possibly the world's best capturing software. We acknowledge that there are many more software solutions but we have decided for Kodak Capture Pro. Click here and ready why....

Content Processing

Once paper documents are scanned, they are ready for further processing. Document Managers uses 3 distinctly different content capturing solutions.
- invoiceManager (work digitally as you'd work with paper)
- ELO DocXtrator (Artificial Intelligence processes invoices for SME)
- Kofax (the world leader in content capturing
Click here to read more about our 3 solutions

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