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Continuous Scanning Services

Our staff shall not spend its time with scanning! That's what we hear from our clients. In many cases scanning is a necessity that provides invaluable assets to the company BUT your staff can add better value by concentrating on their core duties. Document Managers takes away that hassle and manages the scanning of your documents once, twice, three times a week - onsite or centralised.

Bulk Scanning

Once you've decided to go with digitisation, you need to decide what to do with the legacy documents. Document Managers will manage your onsite bulk scanning. Scanned images are then indexed and imported into a Document Management System. Our customers use ELO Digital's solutions.

Other scanning services

Document Managers have teamed up with market leading scanning bureaus to ensure that your most precious documents are scanned with the best of breed in scanners. What we can't do ourselves, we'll find the right partner for the job.

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