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Document Managers has established a process of evaluating different scanners for various purposes. We only offer scanners we would use for our own services, making it a simple selection process for our customers. We look at scanners purely from a practical point of view - not just dollars.

All scanners on offer are high quality scanners from reputable manufacturers such as Kodak, Canon or Fujitsu.

Desktop Scanners

We define Desktop Scanners as scanners that are used by the every day person / employee at home or at the office scanning between 10 and 250 pages per day. Mainly A4 and the output is either black & white TIF or colour PDF. Desktop scanners are an addition to your Multi Function Device (MFD).

Click here to see a list of Desktop Scanners available through Document managers

Network Scanners

Smart Network scanners such as the Kodak ScanStation 500 or the Canon Scan Front 220 allow companies to use quality scanners that directly link to their document management system. Network scanners are the better alternative to MFD when the MFD is mainly used as a printer or copier.

Click here to see a list of Network Scanners available through Document managers

Production Scanners

Production scanners are fast and cope with a large number of scanning transactions. They are used by dedicated scanning staff and provide reliable digitisation for all types of documents. Mailroom departments, cheque reading and order processing departments are using production scanners.

Click here to see a list of Production Scanners available through Document managers

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