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dCube - Digital Simplicity

dCube is simple! dCube is a ready to go Document Management System that is pre-configured for small and medium companies or departments. dCube is installed on a quality server that secures your data at your premises. dCube is easy to use yet comprehensive enough to cater for business processes in many industries. And with its build-in workflow engine dCube provides transparent and compliant knowledge management.



Key Features

Document Management

A modern Document Management System (DMS) must cater for the ever growing flood of information, documents and emails from a variety of sources. dCube uses one of the world’s leading DMS – ELO Digital Office. With over 600,000 users in more than 30 countries ELO belongs to the technology leaders in its field and has received highest accolades in Australia since 2005. The German engineered software is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, making it easy to use and therefore achieves high user acceptance from day one.


Due to its almost native interface to MS Office and MS Outlook, filing of documents is a breeze. Once the user completes the document, he /she just needs to click on the embedded Macro button and ELO filing options appear. The system suggests previously used filing locations and even helps with suggestions of previously used index information. Automated filing is a standard feature in dCube. Just place the document into the process area and select the index information. When clicking “OK” the system does the rest. No misfiling, no errors and best of all every person files the same way.

Check In / Check Out / Version Control

Every editable document that is stored in the ELO is automatically version controlled. That means that there is only a single source of truth. All users see and work with the same base and there is no confusion what version needs to be used. Simply check out a document that is stored in ELO and modify it; when finished just check it in and all users will see the latest version. Users can check the difference between the different version using sophisticated comparison tools.


ELO offers one of the most comprehensive search features of all DMS. Naturally the system allows “navigation” to the document. ELO does not dump all documents into a single folder; it allows users to navigate to the documents and therefore explore “surrounding” folders. For those users who prefer “search by index” a pool of tools is on offer. Just type or select values inside the index forms and ELO provides all relevant search results. To perform more detailed searches, the user can combine one index with another or many with many. E.g. show all contracts from month X to month Y. In addition ELO provides Fulltext search options allowing the user searching by the content of the document, if the index wasn’t sufficient. With predictive searches the system can narrow down the search queries. All this whether you are in ELO or in MS Office or MS Outlook or even from other systems. Just select the document you were looking for and click on the “go to” button and the system take you directly to the folder where the document is stored.


Filing emails into ELO is easy. Just select the email, click on the respective ELO button in your MS Outlook and the email is transferred directly into ELO. If you wish to add more index information, just do it. Emails can be filed as a single file or you can file the attachments separately. All emails are stored securely, protected from deletion. But not only does ELO allow you to file emails; you can even send an email directly from the system. Selecting the document the system allows you to send the document as an attachment or as a link or as a converted PDF attachment. There is no need to convert the original document into PDF, file it somewhere and then attach to an email – ELO does that for you.


Process Management

Every company and every department follows its own processes. These processes have been established based on internal and external requirements such as legal compliance, taxation needs or Human Resources confidentiality. dCube will make many of processes easier! Repetitive processes such as payslip filing or approvals of annual leave are processes significantly faster without the risk of missed deadlines. Contract Management or Fleet Management becomes more precise and dCube’s reminder functionality helps to do the job when it’s due.

Document Scanning

dCube allows users to scan documents directly into the archive! With its integrated scan client dCube provides an easy to use scanning capability for all scanners that are directly connected to the user’s PC. Simply chose the scanner, the scan quality and start scanning. Individual pages can be merged into multi page documents. Complete documents can be split and reviewed and subsequently merged again. dCube allows barcodes to be recognises and selected data can be attached to the document. dCube even allows specific repetitive forms to be recognised and automatically filed in the archive. There are no quantity limits when scanning using dCube and all users can scan concurrently without limiting the performance of dCube.

Intergrated PDF Printer

There is no need to purchase any PDF printer software. ELO’s integrated PDF printer is available at a click. Any MS Office document or email can simply be printed as a PDF directly into the archive. Documents that are stored in the dCube can be converted to PDF or TIF, depending on your needs. Most importantly, the user can chose if the document needs to be printed / converted to PDF-A the compliant long-term storage version of PDF. Compliance documents that are written by the OH&S Officer are converted at the end of the publishing approval workflow. Contracts can be converted immediately after the draft versions have been reviewed. Word documents that need to be emailed don’t need to be converted – just click the “send as PDF attachment” and ELO creates an email PDF version of the selected document and attaches it to your email – automatically.

Intergrated Workflow

dCube combines document management with process management. The integrated workflow engine ensures that all processes around documents are measurable and completed in time. A simple and easy to learn user interface lets you create workflows fast! Predefined processes are simply mapped with ELO’s workflow creator, people and decision points can be inserted quickly. dCube even allows the creation of time sensitive workflows that ensure that no deadline is missed; the integrated escalation possibilities allow the forwarding of workflow jobs if the initial person wasn’t responding in time. A must have feature for all medical checks for pilots, probation time reviews, contract renewals, forklift license renewals and many more time critical processes.

Automated Filing Wizard

dCube is set up to perform document filing simply based on the index information. The integrated “Filing Clause” tool creates folders on the fly. But if all folders already exist dCube just files the document as planned. This Automated Filing Wizard is specifically helpful for all mass processing of documents such as Human Resources documents (Applications, Interview Forms, Contracts, Time Sheets and Leave Forms etc.). Archiving of delivery documents that are related to purchase orders is made easy. Intercompany invoices are quickly saved based on a few index data. dCube looks after the filing, so that no misfiling can happen and that all people in twhe organisation saving the “same” way. ELO’s Automated Filing Wizard is a real helper in collaboration.


dCube Anywhere!

Having your documents stored in a secure location at your office is good. Being able to access information from these documents wherever you are is better! dCube allows the user to access the documents from anywhere at any time. There is no time limit. Once your dCube is set up and securely registered, all information is available to all those who have the respective access rights. Visiting a client and need to look at the last price list? Want to review a draft contract while travelling? Need to change a document just before the external meeting starts? dCube provides this as standard feature!

Browser Access

Whether you are using your own laptop, an internet cafe or your customer’s PC – dCube allows selected users to access all documents through the most common web browsers. Accessing documents that are stored at your office is easy with ELO’s Web Client. The ELO Web Client allows a comprehensive functionality even when travelling. Check Out / Check In features remain possible. Adding or changing archived documents is fast and accurate. ELO’s Web Client provides almost all search functions are essential to locate specific documents. Fulltext Search or Index Search – features that are usually only available with “installed” programmes are available for the trained user. Even workflows can be attended to or even started. There are almost no limitations – only because you are travelling. dCube browser access is fast, save and reliable.

Smart Phone / Tablet

The new technology of smart phones or connected tablets allows employees to work more efficient and location independent. ELO allows access to your documents using the most up to date smart phone and tablet technologies. iPhone and iPad are catered for through ELO’s unique app, directly from the iTunes store. And best of all, it’s absolutely free of charge. As soon as the dCube has been set up in your office and is registered to allow remote access, users can use their smart phones or tablets to search and retrieve the information they need, when they need it and wherever they need it.

For more information on the dCube please refer to the PDF brochure above.

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